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not included. The Museum Island option of the Berlin Welcome Card gets you entry to the five museums on the unesco listed Museum Island, plus the option of free public transport as well as discounts to over 200 attractions and activities around the city. Check The Berlin Pass website to examine further the calculations they have on saving money. Berlin WelcomeCard welcomes you to the capital of Germany! To do this you simply insert your ticket into the red (U-Bahn) or yellow (S-Bahn) ticket machines. There are unique experiences waiting for you in Berlin, and there are several attractions you certainly cannot miss. 46 you get the card that includes zone C a must to visit. Both come with the same transport options (i.e. Berlin City Tour Card (48) ABC.90. During previous stays in Berlin I never had an opportunity to really explore all five museums. Depending on what you want to see and do in Berlin, it is very easy to save up to 60 on a three day pass. It is a money-saving traveler card, which allows unlimited access to the S-Bahn, U-Bahn, buses. For 186 days an area of 104 hectares and more than 5,000 events will be devoted to contemporary garden design and landscaping, experiences of nature, green urban spaces and life culture in different shapes and dimensions. The following are some of the more frequently asked billund questions people have when choosing between the different tickets. And, actually, because of various restoration projects since the reunification of Germany, not all of the individual museums were accessible during my visits anyway. I do my best to keep this post up-to-date (current update: July 2017). One covers transport zones A and B (central Berlin and Tegel Airport TXL the other zones A, B and C which includes travel to Schönefeld Airport SXF and the Sachsenhausen Memorial and. If the special exhibition is open for all to see.e. Berlin WelcomeCard is available for 2 to 6 days, so you can book the WelcomeCard that suits you. On the one hand this is good because visitors are more likely to find a suitable ticket.

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Each with their own culture and spirit. Or join a bus tour to explore the cityapos. Validate your ticket in the S or UBahn gutschein stations. It will facilitate your travel in Berlin and let you enjoy a wide range of activities throughout the streets of the city. You will have to pay extra for any temporary exhibitions that might be showing at the time of your visit. Take a boat trip and discover the rivers Spree and Havel. And the various providers are constantly updating their tickets. S neighborhoods, an open entry ticket or pass is essential well it is for.

Berlin Welcome Card Museumsinsel 72 ABC. The ticket comes with a map and an extensive guidebook to the various discounts you can get with your Welcome Card with text in German. Museum Island Card, attractions and museums over 200 of them each geschirrspülmittel card also has unlimited travel on the SUBahn each card is available with either zones A and. They are not on sale in the museums.

These Berlin passes combine a variety of benefits, including free, unlimited public transport with varying discounts at an impressive range of over 200 attractions, activities, restaurants and shops.The citys official tourist agency, Visit Berlin, has created a very handy and affordable series of passes known collectively as the.